RVWN Committee


Jane Marsden


"I am honoured to represent RVWN as their Chairperson. My role involves working collaboratively with the elected committee members, together we ensure that the group has the necessary policies and procedures in place to enable it to be effective and safe. I also chair the group meetings where our key tasks are reviewed and future events are planned. We have a lovely supportive team at Rother Valley who share a passion for Newfoundland dogs. I have a lively and enthusiastic Newfoundland called Winnie; she loves both water and draught training. Most of all she enjoys meeting her Newfoundland friends each week and Sundays are our favourite day of the week. Having a working dog creates such a special bond between owner and dog, however I get as much pleasure from working with the other Newfoundlands as I do my own dog. Seeing Newfoundlands enjoying working is a joy and they are a truly unique breed."


Vin Whiting

Vice Chair & Group Co-ordinator

"My wife and I have had Newfoundland dogs for 34 years and I have been an active member of RVWN and the NNC for 33 years.I was on the working sub committee for a number of years and I would like to think my input has helped the group and the Club become stronger."


Leilani Smith


"Hi, I’m Leilani. Me and my husband Pete are happily owned by 2 fab Newfs; Fraser and Lady Boo. Our first visit to RVWN was a sunny May bank holiday in 2021 when Fraser had his first go at water training and ended up pulling his first boat. I have been part of the RVWN team ever since. My latest role as group secretary is there to support the Chair and the other members of the team in running the group. Along with helping to arrange meetings and events it also means looking after the membership and all of the groups’ paperwork. We all role up our sleeves and help to make RVWN the fun group that it is."


Pete Hughes


"Hi, I am Pete and I joined Rother at the same time as my wife Leilani. I have been more of a supporter of the group leaving the active training to my enthusiastic wife. However, having been recently asked to be Treasurer of the group has found me getting far more involved. I am very proud to put on the red polo shirt of this long established, very knowledgeable, supportive, and welcoming group of people."


Jay Rhodes

Equipment & Events Co-ordinator

Information to be added


John Collins

Events Co-ordinator

"I have been a member of the RVTG & NNC clubs since 2019. We rescued Reggie, our first Newfie, who is training well and loving his forever home. Last year we got our Newfie pup Stanley, who is also working really hard to become a great water and draught dog. I like to assist Vin & Jay in setting up and organising training, fun days, demos and test event. It should be good fun in the coming years as part of the RVWN group."


Fran Hewson


"I'm very proud to be owned by our two Newfies - Sully & Mike. My favourite thing about being part of RVWN is the social aspect, I've made some close friends over the years, I also really enjoy training towards test achievements particularly in the water. The boys are both doing really well with Sully on his Level 4 Draught & both on Section D Water. In my spare time I develop the RVWN website & graphic design for future events."